Buddha Purnima

Meaning Of Purnima

"We are celebrating today (15 May 1997) Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jay anti. What does Purnima (full moon) signify? It signifies wholeness. When the mind is filled with love, it achieves fullness. As long as the mind is filled with darkness (evil thoughts), there is no meaning in celebrating Buddha Purnima. Get rid of this darkness." Sai Baba, SS, 6/97, p. 149

Why Buddha Was Called Gautama?

"The name given to Buddha at the time of birth was Sarvaartha Siddha." Sai Baba, SS, 6/97, p. 147

"Buddha's mother Maaya Devi passed away on the seventh day after his birth. Suddhodhana's (Buddha's father) second wife Gautami brought up the child." Sai Bab a, SS, 6/97, p. 147

"Buddha was looked after by his step-mother Gautami. She fostered Buddha with boundless love. To perpetuate the name of his foster mother for the love she bestowed on him, he was called Gautama." Sai Baba, SS. 6/98. p. 150

Buddha Means The Enlightened One

"Many high-souled spiritual leaders like Buddha have shown mankind the path they should follow for reaching the highest goal of life." Sai Baba, SS, 2/98, p. 32