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Easwaramma Day

Purpose Of Easwaramma Day Celebrations

"Easwaramma had never put Me to trouble any time. Whenever she asked Me for something, she would come back and inquire if she had given any trouble. To all devotees -who came, she used to entreat not to cause any inconvenience to Swami. She used to be very much worried whenever any minister came to have My Darshan. The situation in those days was such that even a policeman with a red cap was enough to frighten the villagers. Easwaramma used to be much afraid of the ministers thinking they might cause some problem to Me. This was only the result of her sacred love for Me. That is the greatness of mother's love. That is why she could lead a life of fulfillment and peace. In order to propagate this sacred ideal, this day is being celebrated as Easwaramma Day. This is to emphasize that each one of you should make your mother happy. When mother is happy, Swami is happy." Sai Baba. SS, 6/99, p. 150

Importance Of The Mother

"The term 'Stree' should not be treated lightly. The Bhagavad Gita lists seven attributes to the feminine principle: fame, wealth, speech, wisdom, intelligence, fortitude and determination. The Mother Principle, which embodies these seven potencies, is highly sacred. Wherever you turn, you will see manifestation of the feminine principle. When any person goes abroad, the first question that is put is: 'What is your mother-tongue?' No one asks, 'What is father-tongue?' This shows how much importance is attached to the role of mother. The mother fosters the child in the womb and goes through all travails to protect the child. There is no greater love in the world than maternal love. Hence, the ancients accorded the highest honour to the mother and declared, 'Esteem the mother as Divine ('Maatri Devo Bhava') and esteem the father as Divine ('Pitru Devo Bhava'). For every person, the first preceptor is the mother. It is from the mother that a child learns its first word of speech, the first step in movement and many other primary lessons in behaviour. Hence, the mother stands out as the reflected image of nature (Prakriti).

Sai Baba, SS, 6/96. pp. 157 & 158

"From ancient times, it has been the practice in Bharat (India) to revere the mother as God. From the outset, Vedas have declafed: Revere the mother as God, father as God and preceptor as God. For the human body, the mother, father and preceptor are to be deemed as Divine. But, for the pursuit of life, the Divine is the only God." Sai Baba, SS. 6/98, p. 141

"Not only in day-to-day life, but also in the field of spirituality mothers and women are given the highest regard. For example, when we mention the names of Divine couples, such as Sita Rama, Radha Krishna, Lakshmi Narayana, etc., names of goddesses come first. What is the inner significance of this? Mother represents nature, which is the manifest aspect of Divinity." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 141

"It is the mother who teaches you the sacred principles like love, compassion, forbearance, tolerance and sacrifice. Mother shows the father, father takes you to the preceptor and preceptor directs you to God. That is why among mother, father, preceptor and God, mother comes first." Sai Baba. SS, 6/99, pp. 142 & 143

"Man has to recognise the significance of love and truth, which are fundamental to human existence. The mother represents these two basic qualities." Sai Baba, SS, 6/97, p. 141

"Motherhood Is The Most Precious Gift"

"Motherhood is the most precious gift of God. Mothers are the makers of a nation's future or misfortune. They should teach two lessons, fear of sin and fondness for virtues. Both of these are based on faith in God, being the inner motivator of all. If you want to know how advanced a nation is, study the mothers. Are they free from fear and anxiety? Are they full of love towards all? Are they trained in fortitude and virtue? If you like to imbibe the glory of a culture, watch the mothers rocking the cradles, feeding, fostering, teaching and fondling the babies. Mothers must assume this responsibility and not throw it on Aayaas (governess or maid). A child that is brought by the Aayaa loses essential fertilizer for growth and love. The child is denied the best health-giving vitamin, love." Sai Baba, SSS, Vol. VII, p. 22

Importance Of The Relationship Between Mother And Her Child

"In this world there are many types of relationships, but none equals the relationship that exists between the mother and the child. It is because of this intimate relationship with the mother that one's own country is called motherland. Similarly, one's own language is called mother tongue, not father tongue. Among the parents, first place is given to the mother, next comes father." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 141

"Mother protects her children in many ways. Even after death, she comes back and helps you in various ways." Sai Baba. SS. 6/99, p. 150

"There may be a wicked son, but not a wicked mother. It is because of the noble feelings of the mothers that son becomes virtuous, intelligent and attains exalted positions and earns name and fame." Sai Baba. SS, 6/99, p. 142

"Mother will always pray for the welfare of the son wherever he may be. At times, she may be angry or have a difference of opinion, but such differences are only passing clouds." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 144

Womb Of The Mother

"The earth is one. But if you sow Neem (a bitter plant) seeds, you will get bitter fruits. If you plant sweet mango seeds, you will get sweet mangoes. The earth makes no difference between them. Only the differences in the seeds account for the differences among the fruits. Likewise, the womb of a mother is like the womb of Mother Earth. The thought, which prevails at the time of conception results in the kind of child that is born. If parents desire to have virtuous, exemplary and noble children, they have to observe righteous practices and lead virtuous lives." Sai Baba, SS. 6/93, p. 141

Understanding Of Mother's Love Will Lead You To The Understanding Of Divine Love

"In order to experience Divinity, understand this example. The very nature of mother is love. Mother has a form, but love has no form. You can experience love through your mother as she is the very form of love. Our Vice-Chancellor described Swami's love as that of a thousand mothers. But, one who cannot understand the love of one mother, how can he understand the love of a thousand mothers? So, first and foremost try to understand and experience the love of your physical mother. Go on adding to the physical mother's love a million times. The principle of divinity lies in this love, which is your life principle. Experience this love and understand the significance of mother worship in Navaratri." Sai Baba, SS, 7/99, p. 186

"Children can understand the meanings of the word fox or dog only when they see their pictures. Similarly, it is only after seeing the parents that one can understand the existence of God. When you love and respect your parents, only then you can understand in the love of the Divine Parents. This is what I tell you often - if you understand the 'I' principle, you will understand the 'I' in everybody. Vyashti (individual) has emerged from Samashti (society), Samashti from Srishti (creation), Srishti from Parameshti (Creator). Only when you understand the principle of creation, can you then understand the Creator." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 142     '

"Nourish your aged parents; revere them. If you honour your mother, the Mother of the Universe will guard you against harm. If you honour your father, the Father of all beings will guard you. This is as true as the fact that if you honour your parents, your children will honour you." Sai Baba, SSS, Vol. IV, p. 98

Be Grateful To Your Mother

"The Vedas declare, "Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Aachaarya Devo Bhava." (Worship the mother as God, the father as God, the preceptor as God and the guest as God.) It is the mother who fosters you and nourishes you. It is she who knows your choices and preferences, and fulfils your needs. So, you should be grateful to your mother always. Though you cannot see Rama, Krishna, Shiva and Vishnu, you are worshipping them because you believe in scriptures and what the elders say. But, how is that you are forgetting your parents who are responsible for your progress in life? First and foremost, you should show gratitude to your parents, love them and respect them. Your blood, your food, your head, your money are all the gifts of your parents. You do not receive these gifts directly from God. All that is related to God is only indirect experience. It is only the parents whom you can see directly and experience their love. So, consider your parents as God. God will be pleased and will manifest before you only when you love and respect your parents." "It is the mother who teaches you the sacred principles like love, compassion, forbearance, tolerance and sacrifice." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 142

"It is in her role as mother that there is highest expression of a woman's strength. Every child that is born owes its existence to the mother. Hence, everyone should be extremely grateful to one's mother." Sai Baba, SS, 6/96, p. 158

"Students! First pay back the debt of love to them (parents). Do not behave in such a way that they repent the day when they put you to school. All other debts come later, even the debt to the motherland and mother-tongue." "Keep them (parents) free from worry. Show them gratitude they deserve. Return them the love they pour freely into your hearts." Sai Baba, SSS, Vol. IV, p. 265

"Parents should strive their utmost to bring up their children on right lines. Children also should revere their parents, who account for their physical existence. But they should realise what they owe to God, who is the basis of all life. Recognising this double obligation to the mothers and to the Divine - they should redeem their lives by purposeful living." Sai Baba, SS, 6/97, p. 144

"To be a true a human being, one has to respect one's parents and kith and kin in childhood. Revere the teacher in boyhood. Please elders in his manhood. Worship sages in old ages." Sai Baba, SS. 6/94, p. 150

Duty Toward Mother

"A mother may go wrong in other respects, but she will always strive for the well being of her children. Hence every son has to love the mother as the primary duty. Then he should love the father and revere the preceptor. The mother confers the body. The father protects it. The preceptor imparts knowledge and wisdom. For every human being, all these three are essential for getting on in the world." Sai Baba, SS, 6/97, p. 141

"You must be prepared to make even the supreme sacrifice for showing your gratitude to the mothers. Even the Avatars, Rama, Krishna and others, owed their advent to their mothers. Everyone should pray for sacred mothers who will bring forth good children. There may be bad sons in the world, but bad mothers are rare. Most mothers lament over the bad behaviour of their children. No son who has caused distress to his mother can come to anything good. The Telegu saying is, 'There can be no prosperity in a home where the mother sheds tears. Today we need sons who will please their mothers." Sai Baba, SS, 6/96, p. 159

"Respect your mother; obey her commands. Never disrespect your mother or disappoint her. Do not hurt her feelings. Try to satisfy her in all respects. Only then the seed of devotion will sprout in you. Everyone should follow the dictum, "Maatru Devo Bhava" (Worship your mother as God.) in letter and spirit." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 150

"One should not disregard one's parents yielding to the vagaries of the mind." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 144


"Nourish your aged parents, revere them." Sai Baba,

SSS, Vol. IV, p. 98

Sacrifice Everything For God

"Everybody should love and respect his parents. But, if any relation becomes an obstacle in your path to God, there is no harm in leaving him (or her)." "From worldly point of the view, you should respect your father, mother, preceptor and husband. But when it comes to God, everything else is secondary. God alone is important. Bharata left his mother Kaikeyi for the sake of Lord Rama. Prahlada gave up his father Hiranyakashipu for the sake of Lord Narayana. Emperor Bali forsook his preceptor, Shukracharya for the sake of God." Sai Baba, SS, 6/99, p. 150.

Mother Is The First Teacher

"The mother is the symbol of the Universal Mother, and father of the Divine Lord. There is a popular prayer describing the Lord as everything: 'Oh Lord of Lords! You are my mother and father, my kinsman and friend, my wealth and knowledge, my everything.' (A Sanskrit verse). The mother is the first teacher of speech. The first words taught to the child are 'Amma', 'Appa'. Then teaching of the alphabet starts. The first lessons are:

'Om Nama Shivaaya' or 'Om Namo Naaraayanaaya. The teaching of the language begins with the teaching of the names of the Divine - Shiva and Narayana. In ancient times, the mother occupied the place of the first preceptor for the child. Unfortunately, in the world ' today, what are the parents teaching to the child? They are teaching them 'A, B, C, D' nor is that all. They go on teaching the child some meaningless stuff like 'Baa Baa black sheep'. The mothers imagine that they are teaching something wonderful to the children. This is wrong. Teaching of the alphabet should begin with learning the names of the Lord." Sai Baba, SS, 6/96, pp. 158 & 159

"The mothers, for their part, should teach the children always to speak the truth. When a mother asks the son, 'Where have you been?' he should not prevaricate. He must tell the truth and confess his mistakes if he has done anything wrong. Very few children tell the truth to their parents today. Of what use is education for such children? Today's boys and girls are the future redeemers of the nation. Hence, the parents should bring them on right lines so that they may be ideal citizens." Sai Baba, SS, 6/96, p. 160

Goodness Vs. Greatness

"There are mothers who are worried when their children take to spiritual path. They hardly realise that it is the fruit of many past lives, which accounts for children taking to spiritual path. Mothers should rejoice over such a development rather than worry about it. Many parents desire that after the education of their children is over, they should get married, get a good job and achieve a high position in life. Out of their love they want their children to achieve greatness. Swami's love is not like that. Swami wants them to achieve goodness. What is the difference between greatness and goodness? A good man sees divinity even in a human being. A great man sees the human even in God. Ravana was a great man who had performed great penance. He was very powerful. But seeing Rama in human form, he considered him as a mere human being. On the other hand, Rama was different, He saw the Divine in human beings. That is the mark of goodness. It is better to earn reputation for goodness than to be known as a great man." Sai Baba. SS, 6/98, pp. 145 & 146


Mother's Blessings

It was part of the ancient tradition that when the son wished to set out for the battlefield to secure victory or go to forest to perform penance, he would first go to his mother and seek her blessings. Dhurva, a six-year-old child, took his mother's blessings, set out to the forest to perform penance and realised the vision of the Divine. Arjuna prostrated before his mother to get her blessings prior to his leaving for the battlefield. The mother told him, 'May victory be yours.' Duryodhana also went to his mother and sought her blessings for victory in the war. The mother told him,' Where there is Dharma, there will be the victory.' This was Duryodhana's mother's blessing for her son. Duryodhana then went to his preceptor and sought his blessings. The preceptor said:

'Where there is Krishna, there is Dharma. Where there is Dharma, there will be the victory.' Their victory can be secured only where Dharma and the Divine are present, according to the mother and preceptor. In those days, whatever the mother declared proved prophetic. Whenever a mother conferred her blessings on her son, the Divine was present there to declare, 'May it happen so.' Besides mother's blessings. Divine grace is also necessary. Hence, every son should make every effort to please his mother. Without keeping his mother pleased, the son cannot achieve anything in the world. The son should have those qualities, which enable him to please his mother. At the same time, the son should also strive to win Lord's grace. Without earning God's grace, the mother's blessings alone will be of no avail." Sai Baba, SS, 6/98, pp. 141-142

"When Lava and Kusha were engaged in a battle with Rama, Lava aimed an arrow at Rama with the prayer that if his mother Janaki was a 'Sadhivi' (a supremely noble woman) the arrow should render Rama unconscious. Rama became unconscious when the arrow hit him. See what happened. The mere thought of his mother lent so much power to his arrow. This shows that when you cherish the mother and seek God's grace, the blessings of the mother becomes more powerful." Sai Baba. SS, 6/97, p. 144

"Many great men have embarked on noble deeds after securing the blessings of their mothers. For instance, before going to fight against the demon, Tarakasura, Sanat Kumar got the blessings of his mother, Gowri. Similarly, Parashurama received his mother's blessings before he went to fight his foes. Likewise, Vinatha blessed her son by saying: 'May Shri Rama protect you always.' It is because of the blessings of noble mothers, the wives of great sages, that many men were able to perform heroic deeds. Shankaracharya taught that sons who did not get the blessings of the mothers suffered from various vicissitudes in life. Those who had the blessings of their mothers often secured freedom from rebirth. Many high-souled men have extolled the greatness and power of mothers. It is the foremost duty of children to secure the blessings of their mothers for worldly well-being." Sai Baba, SS, 6/97. p. 141


Today's Mother's Expectations From Their Children

"Not compassion, good character, integrity and such virtues. They want their children to get educated, secure a big job, marry a wealthy girl and lead a comfortable life." Sai Baba. SS. 6/93, p. 146

What Should Be The Expectations Of A Mother?

"Earn a good name; become an ideal son; use your wealth in righteous ways; develop compassion; lead a just moral life. This is what mothers should impress on their children. Such high-minded mothers have become rare these days." Sai Baba, SS, 6/93, p. 146

Swami's Parents